Large beach chair guide of the beach chair professionals

Whoever wants to buy a beach chair nowadays is spoilt for choice. A multitude of suppliers and models make the search for the right beach chair more difficult. This wicker beach chair guide from the beach chair professional should help you to pay attention to the really important points and make the right choice.

In a wicker beach chair you get your holiday home

Beach chairs are maritime oases of well-being where you can really switch off in any weather. In summer, of course, it is best to relax in a Strandkorb at the Baltic or North Sea. But also in autumn or winter beach chairs protect you from wind and weather. If you have a garden, a terrace or a larger balcony, you can also set up a roofed wicker beach chair at home.

The last holiday at the North Sea or Baltic Sea is already over and the next beach holiday is still a long way off? Then maybe a beach chair is a suitable piece of furniture for you to bring the holiday feeling into your garden, terrace or balcony! With a roofed wicker beach chair in the garden you can actually sit outside in almost any weather, beach chairs protect you from wind, sun, rain and sand by their lining with weatherproof fabric. A roofed wicker beach chair is the ideal retreat for rest and relaxation!

Who actually invented the beach chair?

By the way, the beach chair was invented in 1882 by the Rostock court basket maker Wilhelm Bartelmann. A customer suffering from rheumatism asked for a seat for the beach as protection from sun and wind. Thereupon Wilhelm Bartelmann invented the „beach chair“, which is called a beach chair today. His wife opened the first beach chair rental business on the Baltic Sea in Warnemünde soon afterwards.

The beach chair in literature

The wicker beach chair has also found its mention in German literary history. Thomas Mann, Nobel Prize winner and one of the most important German writers of the 20th century, is said to have written „Joseph and his brothers“ in what he called the „Sitzhäuschen“ (beach chair) in the summers from 1930 to 1932 on the beach of the former East Prussian seaside resort Nida. Thomas Mann is said to have found his inspiration for his important works in the wicker beach chair. The wicker beach chair was also mentioned in his novel „Buddenbrooks“ published in 1901: „Tony climbed carefully through the high, sharp reed grass that stood at the edge of the naked beach. The row of wooden beach pavilions with their cone-shaped roofs lay in front of them, leaving a view of the beach chairs that were closer to the water.“ The peculiarity is that the scene is set in 1845 and the wicker beach chair had not yet been invented.

Difference North Sea or Baltic Sea roofed wicker beach chairs

Since the 1920s the wicker beach chair has conquered the beaches of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Until today the shape of the Strandkorb has not changed much.

Beach chairs are divided into the Baltic Sea and the North Sea form. The North Sea wicker beach chair is somewhat more angular, the Baltic Sea wicker beach chair on the other hand has softer, slightly rounded shapes. Today you can find beach chairs all over the world. Which shape you prefer, however, is a matter of taste, but the most common is the Baltic Sea basket. On the beaches of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea you will often find both beach chair models.

Which beach chair to buy? It must fit!

In order to enjoy the beach chair, it must first of all be the right size. A beach chair that is too small hinders the freedom of movement.

Rule of thumb: a 2-seater should be at least 120 cm wide.

If you like it more comfortable, choose a width of 130 cm. The greatest possible comfort for two people is offered by the so-called 2.5-seater with a width of 145 cm. For 1-seaters a width of 85 cm has proved to be the best choice.

What are the advantages of a beach chair?

  • Creates a holiday feeling
  • Maritime ambience
  • Very decorative
  • Weatherproof material
  • Long durability
  • Ideal place to relax
  • Protection from wind, sand and sun
  • Comfortable lying and sitting possible
  • Versatile in use
  • Can even be used for overnight stays
  • Ideal for putting your legs up
  • Creates privacy
  • Offers cosiness
  • room for two persons
  • Can be used all year round
  • Easy cleaning
  • Use for advertising purposes possible
  • Combination of design and functionality
  • Folding table for drinks, books, notebook, etc.
  • Easy to move with wheels

For whom are beach chairs suitable?

The possibilities for using a beach chair are very diverse. While beach chairs used to be used exclusively on the beach at the Baltic or North Sea to protect against wind, sun and sand, today beach chairs are more and more often used in the garden, on the terrace or balcony as a seat. The roofed wicker beach chair is not only a decorative piece of furniture, but also has a practical use. Thanks to the wind protection offered by the roofed wicker beach chair, you can feel a little bit of early spring in the wicker beach chair even on sunny winter days, and in autumn you can extend the summer in a beach chair sheltered from the wind.

A wicker beach chair is also very suitable as an advertising medium for companies. The beach chair professional produces beach chairs in the corporate design of the customers according to their special wishes.

Beach chairs in the corporate design of the customers

The Buxtehude beach chair manufacturer has already produced with its own logo and corporate design for numerous well-known companies such as Ratsherren, Coca-Cola, Beiersdorf, Sinalco, Flensburg Brewery, Nivea, Bahlsen, Tchibo and even HSV. The Corporate Design beach chairs can for example be used very well as advertising media at events and trade fairs.

Are there beach chairs made to order?

Do you have special wishes for your beach chair? No problem. We offer special custom-made products for your beach chair. Almost everything is possible with the beach chair professional!

In our long company history there have been many „crazy“ wishes of our customers. Whether a beach chair with refrigerator, Blu-ray player, TV, seat heating or giant bow – we almost always find a way to realize even special wishes. Even very everyday wishes such as a straight cut sun visor or a certain fabric can be realized without any problems. Our 2.5-seater beach chairs are too small for you, because you want to sit comfortably in a beach chair with three or even more people? You will be surprised how big our beach chairs can be!

Do you have special wishes for your beach chair? Then please use our inquiry form.

How much space do you need for a beach chair?

You can place our beach chairs almost everywhere. While our 2-seater beach chairs and 2,5-seater beach chairs fit very well in the garden or on the terrace, our 1-seater single beach chairs (width 85 cm, height 160 cm) can also be placed on a small balcony. So you do not necessarily need a lot of space if you want to put up a beach chair.

Half or full lyer?

In a beach chair it is very comfortable. But why just sit? With modern full-blown chairs the upper basket can be folded far back. Together with the footrests, this creates an almost horizontal lying surface for very relaxed hours in a wicker beach chair.

Wood, of course, but which one?

The type of wood is very important for the longevity of a roofed wicker beach chair. Simple woods such as spruce are light and rot quickly. Hardwoods like mahogany and teak are heavy, robust and extremely durable.

Tip: pay attention to the weight of a roofed wicker beach chair. A high-quality 2-seater made of solid hardwood weighs at least 70 kg. Larger 2.5-seaters weigh up to 120 kg. A high dead weight is not only a sign of quality, but also ensures a stable stand (important for full lieder). 

Indonesian LEGAL Wood

When using precious and hard woods, please make sure that it comes from certified and sustainable cultivation. Our beach chairs carry the seal „Indonesian Legal Wood“. This is secured by the FLEGT agreement of the EU, which grants certificates to a few, selected companies.

Wickerwork of plastic or rattan?

Genuine rattan wickerwork is convincing due to its natural appearance, but unfortunately it also has disadvantages. It breaks easily and requires a high degree of care. That is why braids made of PVC or polyethylene have become widely accepted. We strongly advise against PVC braiding because it has a significantly shorter shelf life and can also break.

Polyethylene braiding, also known as PE braiding, on the other hand, is durable and absolutely weather, temperature and UV resistant. If it is also a round braid, it is hardly distinguishable from rattan.

Footrests that can be hooked in or pulled out?

Our Kampen, Keitum and List models have clip-on footrests. These can be adjusted to two positions. The long legs create an almost horizontal level with the bench. With the short legs, the footrest is inclined downwards at an angle. The footrests of the models Hörnum and Morsum can be pulled out and have only one position.

Cleaning and care of the beach chair

With the right care, beach chairs can last for many years and you can enjoy them for a long time. With a roofed wicker beach chair you can make it winterproof. Once a year teak should be refreshed with a maintenance oil. Mahogany wood can be refreshed with a maintenance glaze every few years if necessary. If you leave the roofed wicker beach chair outside for the winter, you should make sure that it does not get wet from below. There is a simple trick for this: simply place the beach chair on four bricks or a euro-pallet. Then the air can circulate and no mould will form. Dirt on the fabric can be cleaned with a mild soapsuds. Never use aggressive cleaning agents, because wood and fabric can be damaged. Protect your garden furniture and beach chairs from wind and weather with our high-quality, hand-sewn TeakSafe covers or the inexpensive alternative from our Silverline series.

The fabrics that dreams are made of

A wicker beach chair is usually left outside all year round. Even though it is protected by a cover most of the time, the fabric should be as robust as possible. In this respect, fabrics made of 100% polyacrylic (e.g. Dralon®) have proven to be the best choice. These high-quality outdoor fabrics are dry-spun, fibre-dyed, lightfast and water-repellent. We cannot recommend cotton fabrics. They have a tendency to mould stains, bleach out quickly and are unsightly after a short time.

The advantages of our fabrics:

  • very lightfast
  • water-repellent
  • weatherproof
  • rot-resistant
  • dirt, grease and oil repellent
  • tearproof
  • dimensionally stable
  • abrasion resistant/low pilling values
  • shrink-free
  • long-life durability
  • certified according to Öko-Tex® Standard 100

How to move the beach chair

With our beach chair rolls for lawn and terrace you can move the beach chair very easily. So you are flexible regarding the location and always have a place in the sun.

Are the cushions removable?

The fabrics of the bench, the footrests and neck cushions are removable and washable.

Can the wicker beach chair be left outside all year round?

Our roofed wicker beach chairs are very sturdy and can be left outside all year round. However, we recommend that you cover the beach chair with a cover after each use. This will protect the beach chair from dirt and rainwater, which will considerably extend the life of the beach chairs. In addition, we also recommend our care products for mahogany and teak beach chairs.

Where is the beach chair made?

Our beach chairs are made in Germany – Made in Germany! The roofed wicker beach chairs are produced in the Strandkorb-Manufaktur in Buxtehude near Hamburg in pure handicraft by experienced basket weavers, carpenters and seamstresses in highest quality.

Practical features

On the one hand, a beach chair has many practical advantages, on the other hand, a beach chair directly enhances every environment optically enormously. Among the practical advantages are first of all the good protection against wind and weather, but of course also against strong sunlight. Due to its robustness a beach chair can withstand any gust of wind. So you can work quietly, read books or enjoy the view without being surprised. You are supported by many practical setting options that can be individually adjusted. With the sun awning you can protect your eyes and your skin from the sun. If you would like to take a little nap, you can adjust the seat and lie down completely relaxed. The beach chairs also have fold-out tables with plenty of space to store a cool drink after work or utensils such as books and smartphones. The adjustable footrest offers extra comfort and is easily stored in the storage compartment under the seat. Some of our beach chairs also have the popular portholes. The round windows are made of polished aluminium and are waterproof. They give the wicker beach chair a particularly maritime look and have the advantage that you can also look out of the wicker beach chair from the side and very comfortably. Our classic roofed wicker beach chair is designed for two people, so that you can enjoy your time out at home as a couple at any time. Of course you can also relax in our single beach chairs and enjoy your time alone in a special way. As you will notice, beach chairs, unlike other garden furniture, can be adapted to every need. Make your dream of your own beach chair come true by the beach chair professionals in your garden or on your balcony.

Optical features

Whether you place your wicker beach chair on the balcony, the terrace or directly in the garden, it gives every environment a special atmosphere that invites you to relax. This is mainly due to the optical design of the roofed wicker beach chairs, which gives your home a special maritime flair. As it is well known that tastes differ, there is now a huge selection of colours and patterns in the choice of fabrics. So you can bring different colours into play with a stripe pattern or go for a simple but modern look in white, grey, anthracite or brown. For a better overview of fabrics and colours you can use our beach chair configurator. No matter what you ultimately decide on – our beach chairs always provide a great look according to your ideas. A perfect relaxation for body and soul.

The features of our beach chairs at a glance


Of course we take great care to use only wood from sustainable cultivation for our beach chair production. This is guaranteed by the FLEGT agreement of the EU, which grants certificates to a few, selected companies.


The optical highlight: Portholes made of polished aluminium offer an additional view out of your beach chair. Can be ordered as an extra to our basic models.

Comfort duo-lifter

Two gas pressure springs make it easier to adjust the upper basket of the Kampen and Keitum models.

Weave colours

Besides the standard colour cappuccino we offer four special colours: old-teak, white-washed, natural beige and light grey. Together with our extensive fabric collection and the different woods, this gives you the opportunity to match the beach chair in colour exactly to your own taste.

Teak Vintage

In addition to the classic hardwoods mahogany and teak, we have the robust Teak Vintage in our program. This is a high-quality, hand-brushed teak wood with a charm all of its own. A special sealant provides a water-repellent surface property. This distinctive design is commercially protected and only available from us.

Fabric collection

Our beach chairs do not contain any substances that have not been tested for harmful substances according to Öko-Tex® Standard 100. All fabrics that we use for the production of our beach chairs can also be obtained as yard ware from the roll, so that you can fulfil your wish for a uniform appearance of your other garden furniture.

Made in Germany

Visit us in Buxtehude and convince yourself of the handicraft quality of our beach chairs. Approximately 1,500 beach chairs are always ready for delivery and collection, it is the largest exhibition of beach chairs in Germany.

The customer is king

Nationwide customer service, professional installation, competent advisors – all this ensures a very high level of customer satisfaction of which we are proud. We are at your side as professionals right from the start and are pleased about numerous customer comments, which even after many